Cryotherapy: 3 mins at – 264° for a better tomorrow.

Sauna’s antithesis. When heat is unbearable, Siberian cold becomes magic power, following the dictum « no pain, no gain ». In USA the late trend is called cryotherapy. A journalist from New-York magazine has tested one of those centers offering this futuristic service :

« -A three-minute treatment said to burn up to 800 calories, release an eight ball’s worth of endorphins, improve sleep, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, smooth wrinkles, and solve the Israel-Palestine conflict. »

Revolutionary effects ? Maybe. But it is preferable to eradicate all anxiety of being frozen and also pushing aside a fashion look. Scandily clad with underwear, athletic socks, clogs on feet and raw-wool mittens on hands , the challenge is to hold out 3 mins, stucked in a cylindrical machine at -264° Fahrenheit. Maybe not a pleasure cruise.

In those extrem conditions even the most adventurous and daredevils can turn white but americans seem not to be reluctant. Quiet the contrary! . The co-director of kryolife in New-York confirms the democratization of the concept :

« When we opened our beta site in 2012, there were maybe six other cryotherapy centers in the U.S.; now there are at least 30. »

Developed by a Japanese doctor in 1978 for rheumatoid-arthritis patients, cryotherapy has been more recently adopted by pro athletes to recover quickly from intense physical efforts. Apparently safer than 3 mins in a sauna, this new trendy technology seduces customers despite of a risks’ chain : any lingering moisture can cause frostbite or passing out if blood pressure gets too high or too low.
Other hiccup, the price. 90 dollars for 3 mins… breathe deeply and make a choice!