How to force japanese people to take day off?

-Working lovers- It is a cultural state of facts. Japanese people are compulsive workers, programmed and devoted bodies and souls  since youth to a social success without parallel but at the point of being reluctant to days off? According to nippon medias, a law is gonna be legislated by the japanese government with one core target, forcing workaholics to take vacation leave.

YES excess work exists. In order to struggle against it, the draft law that possibly can enter into force next year, provides to impose a compulsory minimum of 5 days annual leave. The facts are eloquent, while japanese citizens with at least 6 years experience, are gratified to 20 days leave, less than 50% of them use it. This law would aim specifically workers who are allowed to 10 days vacations. Obviously the youngest, lately entered in labour market. Some of them even radically refuse any paid day off. A different custom’s symbol where work pressure reaches a record high.

Is it the height of working life? This is unprecented. Westerners’s majority usually ticks on their calendar the date they will escape of their moribund office and fly away, enjoying a beach with fine sand, whereas Japanese feel uneasy to put their function on one side even few days, by guilt to delegate their tasks to colleagues while they sunbathe selfishly.

Health risks and consequences are devastating : Extrem fatigue, lack of productivity, depression, death by overwork (« karoshi ») or suicide. A vicious circle stakeholder of plethora of employees in the Land of the Rising Sun.