Las Robertas-Marlene new video

With I can chase dragons, O Tortuga, Los Mundos and lately Las Robertas, South america gives back a second youth to Lofi garage rock! Their clothes are covered in grease with a wanton or reckless disregard. A timeless esthetic appeal anti-Dove!

Entered in the north american and european market, Las Roberta have climbed the ladder of success in their exotic paradise place where street names do not exist, Costa rica! Catapulted to stardom with their first album « Cry out loud » in 2010, those peevish-looking four girls brush gender-based violence aside by a punk manhood.

Recognition came when they were invited to perform at leading festivals such as SXSW (Austin, TX), Festival NRML (Monterrey, Mexico), Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain), Rock al Parque (Bogota, Colombia).

Releasing today « Marlene » video featured on their new EP Days Unmade , the band hits the bull’s eye under the eccentric producer Jon Green’s guidance who has worked with bands like the Dum Dum girls and Crocodiles. Las Robertas moulded unceasingly a new visual identity, showing a powerful, gloomy and more aggressive sound, coated in a Lo-fi material, blurring lines of rock music’s genetic code.