5 smart home designs for space solution.

FOR STYLE AND CONVENIENCE. While closet- sized studio apartments setback to hopes for living space in big cities, clothes keep piling up , books and knickknacks are in a dime dozen. It’s getting very tight to put it away!

In such a tote case, fury turns to habbit , sense of well being disappears into thin air leading to sight effects… Amnesia and lost keys, hidden books through the workings of the Holy Spirit, or a snappish coat-hanger’s quest, all resonating in daily life. In order to combine business and pleasure by restoring comfort and radiance into an interior space with a duo artistic-tricks, let’s focus on those 5 multifonctional therapy designs.

1- DYA garment rack


Made BY? Sarah Sherman Samuel

-Merging into the background- Trouble spot in most of studios, closets take a run at those who meditate to enhance their tiny home space. Both convenient and decorative, this DYA garment rack is an ideal option, built with a sanded wood base, topped with two steel conduit pipes and 4 handy cladders. Better yet, it refines and purifies a short storage place as much as it revamps a wardrobe into a dazzling shop window. Unwittingly, Sarah Sherman Samuel sweeps all behemoth closets away.

2- Library chair


Made BY? Alexander Love

-Reading within reach- Unfairly invisible for the wider audience with his chic filmmaking and raw talent in beauty photography, Alexander Love was even so the gear head of Portishead’s music video « Sour times » , no less! There has been a lot of water under the bridge since the 90s. Now, with his design project « lovetheloveshack » this working behind the scenes lifts the veil of his artistic merit’s new facet.
Deep rooted in its creator’s lyrical spirit, this razzle-dazzle library chair connects deep seating comfort and luxure to a cunning aesthetic. Enough to show off, enough to showcase a books/dvd’ s collection and piping up a bevy of friends at home.

3- Magic egg mirror


Made BY? Teun Fleskens

-Do not judge of the contents by the label- In Cedar, Teak, White, or Anthracite, this « 2 in 1 » egg-shaped mirror is paired with a keys-cabinet made in corian. Well fitted to an entryway’s wall, hung up on the hook behind a door, it is a bulwark against oversight, messy hair and awkward lipstick at dawn.

4- Wall desk


Made BY ? Shay Alkalay

-Called Pivot- This period piece of furniture is a Shay ALKALAY’s creation, a growing Israeli designer. Leaning on the wall, it enables two others compartments to unfold. Magic, it’s well balanced.

With two stilt-shaped legs and sliding drawers, the wall desk looks like in itself a real staging! Suddenly, space is taken up , next to nothing. All in delicacy and curves, the design tells a tale, with a kind of happy ending. An idyl between a solid oak desk and a low storage space.

5- Coat Check Chair


Made by ? Joey Zeledon

-Concept- A zany idea can spring up by instinct! As it’s often the case, designers move forward, then chant « eureka ». Joey Zeledon always listens to his gut and had something up his sleeve : « At hand storage facilities » for sloths (=us).

Coat check concept is born : A steel tubular as support for a troop of plastic coat’s hangers, overlapped that creates a seat. Fonctional, needful and long-awaited, this chair ensures a better tomorrow.