Jack davison

Fashion shoot and excursion in the retro-futuristic streets of Shanghai

For the Chinese magazine « Modern Weekly », photographer Jack Davison and his models armada, decked of luxury clothing brands, have posted a short time in the gritty neighborhoods of Shanghai.

Joke over with studios and white backgrounds of boredom, fashion editorials increasly metamorphose into genuine and urban collections with artistic and scripted clichés, sometimes taking the form of a documentary, as shown in the strikingly serie « The One I know » of Jack Davison photographer.

Mishmash of a lookbook and an aesthetic journey into the silent streets of the Chinese megalopolis, these portraits capture, shaded by a subtle play of light, local models dressed in it-pieces signed by Hermes, Christian Dior and Dolce Gabbana.

« It seemed an appropriate place to shoot, and the story is I guess is a vague vision of Shanghai, a mix of old & new, constantly shifting, tumbling down & building up.”

In continuation of work inspired by Jake Davison, the « Pearl of the Orient » which represents the nerve center of vice and chinese adventure, will open its Fashion Week from 8th to 16th April.

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